Invictus Logistics

Contact Details

Invictus Logistics are always there to serve our clients and we are available 24/7 365 days a year. If the client’s location, container deports and ports are open, then we will be of service.

Please find all of our contact details below, as well as the relevant people in charge of each department.


Trevor Willemse - Chief Executive Officer  
Shirlene Stander - Chief Operations Officer 084 830 1365
Herman Terblanche - Operations Manager 079 493 4983

Operations Team

Group Email  
Louis Hansen - Operations 079 552 2867
Harry Herholdt - Operations 082 811 9031
Shaun van Staden - Operations 082 454 8144
Jonathan Campbell - Admin / Operations Assistant 041 484 3456
Richardt Strydom - Long Haul Operations 082 959 3799


Mellinese Chesney - Professional Accountant 041 484 3456
Sonja van Wyk - Administrative / Quality Control 041 484 3456
Khosie Msaro - Debtors 041 484 3456
Asanda Msaro - Creditors 041 484 3456
Stephanie Herholdt - Data Capturer 041 484 3456
MTS Transport System
MTS Transport System

The MTS Transport System is able to capture client data, transport orders, rates and routes where they are kept completely up to date. Other advanced features it entails is the printing of CTO documents and the ability to track daily operational activities including the status and location of the containers.

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Driver and Fleet Management
Driver and Fleet Management

We track our drivers and fleet via our satellite tracking system to ensure the safe delivery of containers.

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Fleet Profile
Fleet Profile

Invictus Logistics have a wide range of trucks and trailers that are available for their road haulage services.

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